Benefits of Playing Unblocked Games

Everyone can play both blocked games and unblocked games. Then, they will have different experiences about these types. In my point of view, I sometimes am not happy with blocked games because the playing time is so tough.

Most of these games are free trials in 30 days or less. This makes me that they are doing their business through games only! I can make a payment to play these games, but a monthly settlement is like an automatic thief and your wallet will surely get a hole!

Thus, I make a balance between playing the blocked games and the unblocked ones. In addition to the cost and extra fees, unblocked games also have other benefits that players do not know.

With the unblocked games, I can review my progress easily

Your performance is not disappeared

In the unblocked games, you can check your all performance from the first level and see how many levels you need to face. This is because you ought to know the completed version of a game is. In a free trial game, all of your stages will be disappeared as it does not allow players save their progress. This is likely a small point but you still feel uncomfortable at all!

Multipliers are acceptable

Do you know that blocked games do not have all features totally? For instance, if you play the Rogue Spears in the free trial you can save your performance only.

However, you cannot challenge all points of the map in this game. After that, you ought to access multiplayer to enjoy all features. Another example is playing rooftop snipers unblocked games, multipliers are available.  

You can play the game at anytime

In the unblocked games, you enable to enjoy the game at any time. Your records are clearly placed on the screen and you can choose the level you want to improve your score. You do not get limited time playing like the blocked games where you could play in one week or one month only!

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Karen Jean

Karen Jean