Best Websites for Online Two Wheeler Insurance

     By now, everyone is aware that a two wheeler insurance is mandated by Indian law and is a necessity for many reasons. Yet, there are so many people who simply refrain from buying one. Also, two wheeler vehicles are major parties in road accidents in India. Since they are more prone to road accidents, they account for almost 25% of total road crash deaths. But, no one understands the stress that comes with heavy bills associated with your two wheeler accident. Thus, having a comprehensive two wheeler insurance by your side will keep your financial worries at bay. However, with so many digital platforms to choose from, buying a two wheeler insurance is not a simple process. This read will help you find well-known websites to get your two wheeler insurance.

Best Websites for Online Two Wheeler Insurance

Buying your two wheeler insurance online is the wisest decision you might take. However, one can be spoilt for choice or get confused in that process, because there are tons of online websites that can provide you with good plans. But, the person has to be sure of the buying platform. For example, to buy a two wheeler insurance, one can directly visit the insurer, broker, or the web-aggregator’s site, select plan, and make payment. As it is not easy to choose amongst these it is vital to know what each of them provide.

  • The Insurance Brokers

The two wheeler insurance brokers are specialist in risk management and insurance. They act on behalf of their clients and provide technical advice that can prove very helpful in finalizing your two wheeler plan. The main USP of Insurance Brokers is that they provide unbiased advice depending on your needs. Additionally, they are legally liable to provide you with post sales and claim assistance.

  • The Web-Aggregators

There is not a major difference between a broker and web aggregator website as both of them are online comparison platforms. They too provide information with regards to features, plans, benefits, prices etc. all on one platform. The main differentiator between brokers and web-aggregators is that the latter does not assist you with post sales or claim settlement.

  • The Insurance Companies

Almost all the two wheeler insurance companies have an online presence where you can check the quote for your two-wheeler, but cannot compare with other insurance companies. Here, the brokers have an edge over Insurance Companies with respect to their platform and services provided by them.

Tips for Surfing Online

Now, when you know where to buy your insurance from, it is also important to know how to find the right plan. The following points will help you to zero in on one.

  • Compare your two wheeler plans

Comparing plans online with other insurance companies will give you a fair idea about their features, premiums, and coverages offered, benefits, and any additional services etc. Comparison alone will help you finalize one plan as per your requirement.

  • Additional covers are important

Today, most of the insurance companies offer delightful additional or add-on covers to provide that extra coat for your two wheeler vehicle. However, not all are useful, plus you don’t get them for free of cost. Therefore, it is recommended that you buy a cover that is more likely to prove useful. For example, a zero depreciation cover will help in saving your depreciation cost of rubber, glass, plastic, fibre etc. by providing 100% coverage.

  • Avoid looking for low-cost insurance only

In case you look for low cost insurance, you might miss on the important features like own-damage, no-claim bonus etc. A Low-cost insurance plan like the third party policy only will cover liability cover and not your own-damage. That means any damage to your vehicle will be borne by you.

  • Look for insurance companies with the highest claim settlement ratio

The claim settlement of an insurance company will give you a hint into a probability of a positive outcome in case you need to file claim. It in turn helps you find the reliability of the insurance company.

  • Watch out for additional services offered

Additional services like a post sales team or claim assistance is a must as these services will prove helpful in case of emergency.

Online Vs Offline

In this digital world where everything is available at the tip of your finger, offline insurance, in that case, has almost lost the plot. Reason being, with online you get host of websites offering outstanding and low-budget plans as per your requirements. But, with offline, you may find limited options to choose from, plus it not a hassle-free mode.

Some of the top well-known websites are given below:


Insurance Company:

  • HDFC Ergo
  • Kotak General
  • Oriental
  • Reliance
  • Iffco Tokio

Therefore, if you are confused about the platform to use to purchase your two wheeler insurance, then the broker stands out as a clear winner. A popular broker website is the one stop solution to cater to your beloved two wheeler’s insurance needs.


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