Causes and Prevention of Oily Eyelids

Our eyelids may sometimes face some problems, among which their oiliness can be quite irritating and disturbing, especially in warm weather. It becomes even more irritating if along with oily eyelids, the facial skin is acne prone.

Even if your skin is very dry, if you have oily eyelids, your eyelid skin will shine and make you embarrassed sometimes. Oily eyelids can be due to many reasons one of which is changes in hormones.

While a cosmetic surgeon like Dr Naveen Somia can correct issues like droopy eyelids, a few health-related and health-related habits can correct your oily eyelids.

Causes of Oily Eyelids

As mentioned earlier, oily eyelids can be caused due to many reasons. But the main reason, according to skin specialists, is hormonal changes within the body that result in excess oil production.

Other reasons include shape of eyes and also location of over-active oil glands that make the eyelids oilier, overly use of skincare products, stress, certain medications, sun tanning and unnecessary usage of skin creams.

Sometimes seborrhea may be the cause of oily eyelids because excessive release from sebaceous glands from forehead can lead to oiliness of eyelids.

How to Prevent Oily Eyelids

Here are a few easy ways that will help you prevent oiliness of eyelids by restricting overly production of oil from skin, particularly around eyes.

Reduce Eye Cream

Your first step should be to reduce the application of eye cream. You can use a small amount of it because they will keep your skin healthy and appropriately moisturised but overly usage will produce excessive oil.

Clean Your Face Morning and Night

Every morning and night before going to bed, remember to clean your face properly. Use a gentle cleanser and you can get rid of oils from the skin surface. After this, close your eyes and smear them lightly with the cleanser and immediately wash them. Pat dry skin with a fresh washcloth.

Use Oil Blotting Sheets

Carry oil blotting sheets with you always and clean the oiliness whenever it appears. Remember to just press and lift the sheets over the eyelids and not to rub them.

Eat Plenty of Raw Fruits and Vegetables

The secretion of excessive oil can be prevented by eating a lot of raw vegetables and fruits. Also, keeping yourself full with them can stop you craving for oily foods.

Choose Correct Eyeliner

While choosing your eyeliner, be very careful. If you continue using wrong eyeliner not suitable to oily eyelids, your eyelids would be spoiled. Choose eyeliners that are designed to make the eyelids dry instantly. If you want to use other liners, choose a push-up pencil liner.

Choose Correct Cream

Choose a cream that has a base of water, mineral or powder.

Turn to Other Brands of Eye Cream

If after reducing the amount of eye cream, you are still getting your eyelids oily, consider other brands. Preferably choose a cream that has no oil.

Never Use Foundation or Concealer on Eyelids

Eye shadow moved around from eyelid and evaporated is terrible. Use a primer. Just dot only a small amount on your eyelids and blend. Never use foundation or concealer as primer for your eyelids as they will worsen the problem.

Use Translucent Powder

Remember to use translucent powder on your eyelids after applying eyeliner. This eliminates the chance of your eyeliner printing itself to your upper eyelid.

Only use an eye shadow brush and a slight amount of powder (so as not to dull the liner) and it’s done! Consider using a darker eye shadow for setting your eyeliner if your liner’s richness is taken away by the translucent powder.

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