Crowdfunding for disaster relief

We live in a time where global warming is a constant threat to the environment. It is not only a threat to several plant and animal species, but also to the survival of mankind. The current state of environmental meltdown, significantly increases chances of natural disasters. These powerful catastrophes of nature can displace families and communities over night, and destroy vast areas of land in no time. The long-term effects of natural disasters are felt on the environment, economy, society, and family level. It takes months, if not years to rebuild everything from the beginning, not the mention the grief felt by the loss of loved ones. At such times, we all as a community must look out for one another, help rebuild the lives that have been affected by disasters.

At a time of instantaneous connectivity, it is much easier now than ever, to use resources at our disposal to reach out to places most affected. Crowdfunding is one such technique that has emerged as an important tool in providing disaster relief. People have used the internet during calamities, to help the victims by doing online recharges to, sharing locations, sharing on ground information to keep families updated, and so much more. The Chennai floods are a great example. Facebook had a safety check option during that time, so that victims who were safe could mark themselves as ‘safe’ on Facebook, and instantly inform many people in just a moment. By extending the same concept to financial relief, we use online donations and encourage a crowdfunding India, to help affected areas bounce back as soon as possible.

So here are a few way you can use crowdfunding to provide disaster relief:

Fund immediate relief

You can start a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds that will be directed to providing the bare necessities such as food, water, and clothing to victims. The funds raised can be used to purchase immediate requirements, as well as to cover the cost of transporting them to affected areas.

Fundraise for a disaster relief organization

Several organizations that are set up for the purpose of helping affected areas need funds to run operations. Crowdfunding can make for an added stream of income to such organizations, and significantly impact the scope of their relief activities.

Raise money for long-term rehabilitation

Long-term goals such as rebuilding roads, buildings, private homes, agricultural land, and crops requires a lot of money, and months of work to fully bounce back. Added finances through online fundraising can help speed the process.

Medical financial relief

As we’ve moved towards a crowdfunding India, many families have adopted online fundraising to overcome financial difficulties of accessing medical treatment. This can be extended to disaster affected individuals, to help them get treatment and medicines, and also to prevent spreading of infections and diseases at such times.

At Impact Guru, we envision a scenario where citizens embrace online fundraising as a viable way to help communities during tough times, and consequently encourage a crowdfunding India that is financially independent.

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Gary Curl

Gary Curl