What are Dental Implants and When to Use Them?

In the people known as dental implants, note that this is a serious technological advancement made in dentistry. After decades of research, testing, testing, dentists now have the opportunity to offer their patients what nature is not. Cornerstone Family Dentistry will give you an explanation.

In the past, while they were not fully tested and perfected, there was a serious problem with the concept of implants, and hence the thought of the people that they were bad, that they were rejected by the organism, that these screws were difficult to receive, etc., everything can be heard.

Now the situation is completely different, the success of implantation is 100% with the right indication and the well-general condition of the patient and perfect hygiene.

Dental  ImplantsComposition

Today, dental implants are made (as are most endo dentures) not only of completely bio and biocompatible material, but also of materials that actually have the ability to grow with the bone.

or when dental implants are proposed?

Always, when the anatomical structure (the appearance of the alveolar ridge, i.e. its height and thickness) allow it, when the patient is of a good general physical and psychological condition and when the patient learns to wash his teeth with the correct technique, he starts to do it regularly.

The best and most beautiful indication is the lack of one tooth between two completely healthy. Then it is a real scourge to brush two healthy teeth to compensate one that fails a metal or a non-metallic ceramic bridge.

In the event that more teeth are missing, each can be compensated by an implant, which is a very serious financial expense. It is also possible to go for cheaper solutions when two implants connected to the bridge can carry 3 possibly 4 teeth.
It is recommended that an implant-implant connection should be made, if there is a possibility, before implant-tooth connection in fixed prosthetic remnants – metal or non-metallic ceramic bridges.

The basic components and method of application would be:

Dental Implant – the root part of the tooth, which is screwed, into a place where there are no teeth in a painless session of 20 minutes.
Abatment, which is set up after a few months (4-6) from implant placement, also in a completely painless session lasting about ten minutes.
The crown that is made after the captured print when the superstructure is placed and it is then cemented and in a few days you have a new tooth.
From implantation to tooth it is therefore necessary to pass 4-6 months to make the implant fully embedded in the jawbone, there are single phase implants that are immediately burdened with the crown, but from experience this is not the best solution.
Only the first 15 years of life were your permanent teeth, which you lost for the next 25 years, it’s a good time to give this new one a little time to reappear.

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