Designer Eyeglass Trends 2019

Clear Frames Of Any Shape

Clear eyeglass frames are very popular right now says Whether you want clear colorful frames or colorful clear frames is up to you. This trend works for any shape frame you want. Here are a few ideas:

  • Round clear purple frames

  • Square clear green frames

  • Rectangular clear blue frames

You get the picture right? Pick a color and a shape and get it in clear frames. If you go the clear colorless route, your eyeglasses will match any outfit you choose.


Light Pink Is In It to Win It

Light pink eyeglass frames are exceptionally popular this year. Think a soft pink that almost borders on pale pink, somewhat similar to pink cream. You simply can’t go wrong with frames of this color. The great thing is light pink is being treated as a neutral, so you can pair these frames with any outfit of your choosing. These glasses would look best with a softer frame, such as a round frame.


Oversized Is In Again

Oversized frames are extremely popular this year, as they have been for the past years. These 80’s throwbacks flatter most face shapess and are a hit in color. If you aren’t ready to commit to a pair of oversized eyeglasses, than consider getting a pair of oversized sunglasses. You’ll look fantastic either way.


Make Sure You Visit the Best Optician

If you truly want to make sure you get the best glasses, trendy or otherwise, you need to visit the best optician in your area. Here’s a few ways to determine which optician to visit:

  • Licensed and insured business

  • 10+ years of optical experience

  • A wide variety of designer and non-designer frames

  • Multiple price points

  • Promotions and discount

  • Local location

These are just the very basic attributes to look for. You also want to consider the amount of reviews they have online and whether or not they accept your health insurance. Call around to find the best option for you.

The Eyeman Optical

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