Different Types of Shapes in Which Tahitian Pearls Are Available

There are several different shapes of Tahitian pearls. The round ones of Tahitian pearls are in high demand than all the other shapes of pearls present in the market. Each and every person has a different preference and taste. What looks alluring to one person may not be that beautiful to another person. So, before you form a choice, it is important that you look at the different shapes of the Tahitian pearls.

Round Shaped Pearls

This is the commonest shape of Tahitian pearls that you can get in the market. Their limited supply makes them high in demand too. Due to this reason, the round shaped Tahitian pearls are rated as the costliest and high rated pearl shape. View the website to get some more idea on the shape of Tahitian pearls.

Semi-Round Pearl Shape

Another common type of pearl shape is a half circular shape. This is the 2nd most popular and sought pearls based on the consumer’s choice. This shape is not perfectly round, but approximately round.

Drop Shaped Pearls

This is another very popular shape of a Tahitian pearl. As the name suggests, this shape looks like the shape of water droplet dripping from the water tap.

Pear Shaped Pearls

Have you seen a pear fruit? This shape of Tahitian pearl resembles as that of the shape of the pear. This shape can also be observed as a stretched water drop from a water tap. Pear shaped Tahitian pearls occupy 4th rank in regards to its price.

Button Shaped Pearls

This shape of pearl looks same as a semi-spherical shape. It is like the shape of the button. These pearls are costly but less than the price of semi-spherical and spherical shapes of Tahitian pearls.

Oval Shaped Pearls

This kind of pearls resembles like that of an egg shape. Due to its non-traditional shape, it gives a trendy touch to the wearer. The outlines of this pearl are a little rounded and elongated.


So, these are the top shapes of Tahitian pearls available in the market.  Learning about it will help you find the best one for you.

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Gary Curl

Gary Curl