Everything You Wanted To Know About Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids

Anabolic-androgenic steroids are synthetic variations of testosterone. Bodybuilders often have their confusions when it comes to steroids. While you don’t need to know the deepest science, it is important to understand the pros and cons, along with the working mechanism of these steroids. In this post, we will talk about anabolic-androgenic steroids in detail.

The basics

Most anabolic compounds are known to have androgenic effects, although the overall impact depends on the concerned steroid. Anabolic compounds basically help with bodybuilding, strength and energy, while the androgenic properties affect the sex characteristics. If you are new to steroids, you need to understand how additional steroids and drugs are impacting your body. These are nothing but synthetic hormones, which will react and influence the natural hormones produced by the body. Testosterone itself is one of the most used steroids in the market, and it is often abused by bodybuilders.

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Before you use steroids

With anabolic-androgenic steroids, you need to be extremely careful about natural hormonal balance. If you don’t use these drugs as intended, the long and short term effects can be detrimental. Seasoned bodybuilders always use steroids in cycles. Every cycle lasts for a few weeks, following which the use of the steroids is stopped for a small period before restarting again. AAS steroids are typically combined with other drugs to increase and better the results, and this process is known as stacking.

Facts that matter

You can use these compounds to increase performance or muscle mass, but it’s important to be responsible. The short term side effects, such as acne and headaches, are temporary, but it’s the list of long term effects that you should be concerned about. AAS steroids are known to impact cardiovascular health, and that’s not something that should be taken lightly. Ideally, one should always start with a very low dose, which helps in understanding the impact of the concerned steroid. Also, don’t exceed the dose right away. Every steroid is unique and can work differently on every person. You will have to be patient with your dosage and cycle.

Lastly, AAS steroids are not substitutes for exercise and diet. Unless you are focused on your regimen, no drug can do good things for your body. Focus on your intake of protein and find a workout program that matches your fitness goals. Not to forget, read online about the side effects and possible concerned of steroids before you consider a cycle.


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