Five ways in which Real Estate technology improves your home in Lake Norman

Using smart technologies in your home can be so fun – when you want to make a karaoke night, and a smart device instantly finds the 90s song you want to play – but it can also save you time and money – through systems that control illumination and heating.

Many smart products are easy to install, and you can do it yourself, but for some more complicated you will have to turn to specialists. In either case, the technology will change your home for the better. You find below five ways to make your life more efficient, by courtesy of lakerealty.com.

  1. Forgetting the lit lights will no longer be a problem

When you forget the light once, the maintenance costs will not change. However, if it happens so often that you have to replace bulbs once every two months, you will notice that the amount on the current bill will increase.

If you invest in a smart lighting system, you will be able to turn on / off or adjust the brightness level with an application on your phone. You can do that from another room and another city.

So, if you forgot the light in the hall when you went on holiday, you do not have to worry. Just use the phone to turn it off, and you can rest quietly. Furthermore, you can set the lights off at certain intervals, for example, before bedtime.

  1. You can adjust the temperature in your home anywhere

You got home tired after a day of work, and you sat comfortably on the couch to watch TV. You realize you’re cold, but at the same time, you feel too exhausted to get up to adjust the heat.

You will not have this problem if you have a thermostat/controller that allows you to control the control panel both manually and through a smartphone. Moreover, like the lighting system, you can set the controller to start heating at certain times or maintain a certain temperature in the house when you are on holiday.

  1. Maintenance costs will decrease

Smart lighting and the intelligent controller can help you reduce maintenance costs, but there are ways to save even more. Such a mode is the use of solar panels. Read more here.

Although initially, it is a costly investment – starting from € 2100 for a boiler panel system that provides heating and hot water for a family of two to four people – you will enjoy it in the long run when you have autonomy and warmth which you will use will be produced only through the panels.

Moreover, this heating method is very environmentally friendly because it does not produce any greenhouse gas. Fossil fuels, the traditional source of energy, emit methane and carbon dioxide, factors that contribute to global warming and lower air quality.

  1. You can search for anything, anytime on Google, just by voice

Do you want to find out what the weather is? Do you want to know what the ingredients for guacamole are? All you have to do is ask the smart Amazon Echo or Alexa device. It recognizes your voice and responds to commands. Currently, she can acknowledge only English.

Such a device can make your life easier because you can give it voice commands. For example, when you cook and have your hands busy or dirty but want to listen to your favorite song, all you have to do is order the device to search for YouTube and play it.

  1. The value of your home will increase

Creating a smart home could have more benefits in addition to lowering maintenance costs and making life more comfortable and more efficient. In the case or when you want to sell the house, its sale price will be much higher than similar homes without smart facilities.

Permanent facilities such as solar panels and smart controllers are crucial elements that will attract potential buyers. If your goal is to sell the house later, it is worth the effort to install intelligent technologies to increase the value of the property.

Adding systems to turn your regular home into a smart home will help you get a more comfortable experience and save money in the long run. As technology evolves constantly, it is becoming easier and more accessible to make significant changes in your home.

The real estate market has some unwritten rules, including negotiation. The seller hopes to sell the buyer as cheaply as cheaply as possible, but there is a point of intersection between them when they can agree on a compromise. How do you negotiate correctly, so you get a price reduction without disturbing the seller’s goodwill?

Look for shortcomings, but do not exceed the limit of common sense

By identifying specific weaknesses of the apartment, you could benefit in the price. However, you do not have to criticize every step you see, especially if you like your home. Choose your expressions carefully, because unnatural criticism is always visible. Otherwise, the effect may be inverse, the seller, feeling offended will not drop the price drop or even will not want to have to deal with you from now on. Do not insist too much on lowering the price, especially if the property is in excellent condition and the price is not above the level in the real estate market.

Click this: https://www.moneysense.ca/spend/real-estate/the-ultimate-home-maintenance-guide/

The external aspect affects the impression that others make about him. Do not forget this when you negotiate with the seller. It is not the case, in this situation, to wear expensive jewelry, watch or business clothes. The longer you will be reserved, the better. If the seller has the impression that the potential buyer has much money, he could refuse any price cut because he does not need it, and so he’s well assured.

In order to respect the boundary between sound arguments and unfounded arguments, it is advisable to prepare yourself in advance. Make a list of things you plan to criticize.

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