How to lose weight fast at home with busy schedule

Life these days seems like a fast train with so many demands, and more than often our health falls last on the list. In fact, it doesn’t have to if you have a proper plan. Also for losing weight, a plan that makes it comfortable to accomplish at home is completely possible. And this is such a guide on how to lose weight fast at home with ease.

Healthy snacks instead of junk foods

The first step in your home weight loss plan is to de-junk your kitchen. Yes, it could be painful, but it’s crucial to understand that junk foods, which are the primary sources of sugar and fat, are no good for your weight and your health. After completing this task, put healthy foods at eye level.

Remind yourself to go to the grocery store each week and buy fresh fruits. And whenever you want a snack, the first thing you see should be the fresh and organic fruits. This trick is to help you keep your hunger and steady. And more importantly, high content of water in fruits helps to detoxify your body and flush out the fat.

Prepare your own meals and eat mindfully

Even an insanely busy person can carve out a few hours to put together a large healthy meal in advance. It’s ideal to prepare your own meals for half of a week or even a whole week. Keep them in the fridge and repurpose them for eating every day.

An important note for your diet is to eat mindfully. Have a track record for the amount of calorie intake and make sure that amount is always at the appropriate level. Ideally, each meal should not exceed 1,500 calories. And it’d be perfect if you can apply some food swaps in which veggies are the main focus.

Less intense but more frequent exercise

For those with the hectic schedule, there is no need to spend too much time, effort, and money on intense workout sessions. Instead, there is a much enjoyable way of exercising without any decrease in fat burning effect. The key is to add strength to your routine.

Rather than spending 1-2 hours in the gym, which can be a luxury for most crazy-busy people, it’s better to accomplish 3-4 sessions of 15-minute workout sessions. Also, “workout” does not necessarily mean exercising with sophisticated equipment. Instead, you can commit yourself with some light exercises like lunges, push-ups, and squats.

Don’t drink calories

We all know the significance of taking fewer calories in losing weight. But not many of us realize the importance of cutting down on “calorie-rich” drinks. These drinks are commonly your top favorite beverages like lattes, sodas, and smoothies.

An excellent alternative for drinking these beverages must be pure water. And if drinking water seems too dull to you, you can switch to drink fruit juice, tea or coffee. But an important note is that never add sugar to the drink. Otherwise, your weight loss effort is just being wasted.

Accommodate diet pills in your weight loss plan

To accelerate your weight loss progress, using diet pills that work like Phentermine is a good idea. These pills are commonly available over the counter, which means you can buy it without medical prescription. Losing weight is a long journey to go, but using weight loss pills saves your time and effort along the way.


For home weight loss, it’s ideal to combine a healthy lifestyle and diet pills to lose weight fast. This combination ensures the optimum result while not putting your health at risk. Remember that different people will have different ways to lose weight. And being busy should not be an excuse, it should instead make you more determined to reach your weight goal.

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Jackie Delatorre

Jackie Delatorre