Increase Your Testosterone Levels withAndrogel

Androgel comprises of testosterone which is a natural male hormone vital for numerous body processes. This medication does its job by supplementing or replacing testosterone which is naturally produced in your body. However, it must be remembered that this medication doesn’t improve your athletic performance so you ought not to take this for serving this purpose. This form of testosterone needs to be applied topically and it is a fast-absorbing, fast-acting gel that is rubbed on to your skin. However, prior to using this product, you must be aware of the safety, dosage recommendations and the probable side effects of this compound.

For a long time, different kinds of testosterone are generally misused by professional and amateur athletes who look forward to improve strength, increase the growth of muscle mass, quicken muscle building effects and enhance libido. In fact, this medication helps to treat men who have testosterone deficiency. This medicine is a prescription-strength kind of testosterone and classed as a Schedule III drug as it can be misused, overused and abused. However, it is medically recommended for treating diminutive testosterone levels, which is also known as hypogonadism that is caused by various medically-based concerns. However, it is not advised for non-medical usage.

Precautions before using

You aren’t advised to use this medication if you are suffering from male breast cancer or prostate cancer. Furthermore, it can cause birth faults to the unborn baby so an expecting mother should try to avoid this medication. You are advised not to misuse this gel as it can cause hazardous or permanent effects. You should certainly use this medication according to your prescribed dosage and never share your medicine with other persons. Additionally, older men may suffer from an augmented risk of cancer or prostate enlargement. So, if you are aged 65 or above, have a talk with your physician about the particular risk factors.

Mechanism of using

You have to use this medication precisely as prescribed by the physician. You need to follow every direction mentioned on your prescription label. Additionally, do not use in larger or lesser quantities or more than the prescribed time period. Apply this medication only on your upper arms and shoulders that remain covered by your short sleeve shirt. Wash your hands using soap immediately after using the gel. You have to keep the area covered unless you have rinsed the application portion well. If you assume to have skin contact with other persons then wash the applied area using soap and water.

This medication can’t be applied on the penis or the scrotum. You must allow this gel to get dried up for nearly 5 minutes prior to your dressing up. Avoid swimming, bathing or showering for nearly a couple of hours after you have applied this medication. If by chance another person comes in contact with this medicine then he must wash that area right at that moment using soap and water. Additionally, it is important to remember that while using this gel you must get your blood tests done frequently. This medicine is used to treat men who have testosterone deficiency so they must use it regularly for getting the optimal results.

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Jackie Delatorre

Jackie Delatorre