“The Incredible Quest of Two Pastors”

There’s a new global television channel featuring renowned pastor Chris Oyakhilome and pastor Benny Hinn called Loveworld USA, utilized to spread the word of God.

In order to enlighten humanity and empower them about God’s awesome powers, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome the president of Believers’ Loveworld Inc. also known as Christ Embassy, teams up with pastor Benny Hinn to launch their new cable television channel , which will be aired in July 2017.

(California, USA) – In times of trouble, one’s faith is reinforced in God, which is the utmost mission of everyone.

Minister Chris Oyakhilome and minister Benny Hinn are known for their efforts in brining others together to strengthen the spirituality and trust in God. This new TV network is geared toward transforming the lives of viewers worldwide on a daily basis.

Spreading his knowledge of God with powerful teaching methods, pastor Chris Oyakhilome is also involved in healing ministries as well. He’s also published several books to empower others during their spiritual journeys through life. As the president of “Christ Embassy” aka Believers’ Loveworld Inc., Chris impacts thousands of lives with the presence of God. For over thirty years he’s been dedicated his life through spiritual meetings held worldwide, impacting people with powerful words and speeches. Such as the one witnessed by millions of onlookers in Nigeria, which was held for a single night. Reverend Oyakhilome is the author of “Rhapsody of Realities”, a daily devotional that’s distributed worldwide and is available in translated versions. Being one of the first to have a twenty-four hour Christian satellite networks to be broadcasted out of Africa. Impacting millions of lives worldwide with the power of Jesus Christ, bringing the spirit of God into their hearts.

Famous TV evangelist and pastor Benny Hinn has been spreading the message of the gospel for over forty-three years. He’s also a well known author of numerous Christian books, such as “Blood in the Sand”, “Holy Spirit”, “Lamb of God”, and “Prayer That Gets Results”. He also has a television program called “This is Your Day”, being one of the most viewed Christian shows worldwide.

Based out of California, “Christ Embassy” is broadcasted globally via the internet. With the help of Spectrum Cable Network, they have the ability to have conferences, conduct prayer shows, and spiritual music. The website will also contain information on the latest news, unique Christian programming, and daily messages provided by various other pastors. Both Hinn and Oyakhilome declared their pleasure of launching this new network. Demonstrating God’s great wonders and amazing capabilities to those in the United States and worldwide every day. Reaching out to viewers through the message of God, brining spirituality back into the world.

Further information about Loveworld USA is available on their website at go there today.


Loveworld USA is a California based Christian cable TV network, that’s broadcasted with the use of spectrum. This television channel is meant to reach out globally across the world with an online presence whose main goal is to spread the message of God’s power. World renowned pastors Benny Hinn and Chris Oyakhilome are the driving forces to get this started.


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Karen Jean

Karen Jean