Are you familiar with the game Pokemon Ruby? Pokemon Jupiter is nothing but a hacked version of this popular game Pokemon Ruby. The flexible engine of the core Pokemon series lets the hackers showcase their creativity. The original game was released in the year 2002 then re-released after few modifications again in 2014. The hack was developed in 2008. The game brought about interest in many people with its interesting characters, storyline and striking visuals.

The striking features

The Pokemon Jupiter ROM is basically a combination of the original Pokemon and the Golden Sun series. The Golden Sun series isactually known for being decent tactical games requiring advanced skills. On the other hand, the original Pokemon series highlights certain aspects of the same game making them more challenging. Following are two of its noteworthy features of the Pokemon Jupiter GBA ROM download version:

  • A complete sound and texture redesign –In the new version you get to witness more than 65 completely new songs, played through a music box. 
  • Unique story-line – This new version fills in the gap left in the original games. Here, two main characters play the main role Ivan and Charon. Both reach the ‘’Mynoan Civilization’’ through a portal and their aim is to stop the ‘’great deluge’’ from destroying the world.

Steps for installation

The steps of Pokemon Jupiter GBA ROM download are quite simple and only you need to follow them carefully. The first step to play a ROM is to have a proper software. There are different versions of the program that is suitable for each of the operating Android, iOS, Windows etc. The file can be executed and so no installation is required. Since it creates the system and temporary files for the program, therefore you should put it in a separate folder. Then you need to load the ROM file into it and then alter the settings. The emulator is customizable and thus as a user, you get to change the resolution, key binding, sound quality etc. Now, some ROM files need to be patched so that you get the latest fixes and updates for the game. To patch the game you need to use an IPS patcher and then load the patch file through it. So, if you follow the set of instructions carefully, then you can easily install the new and exciting version of the game and enjoy unlimited hours of gaming.

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Gary Curl

Gary Curl