Old School Doctors and New Medical Technology

To some, the term“old-school doctor” maybring to mind archaic treatments and an elderly physicianwho’s tough to speak to. To those who’ve been seen by a good “old school doctor” that’s far, far from the truth.

Modern technology and advancements in medicine don’t render old-school doctors obsolete; in fact, you’ll be getting the best of both worlds with an old-school doctor who’s aware of modern medicine. Read on to see how the duo of the old and the new is beneficial!

Humanistic Treatment

With documentation and medical history being recorded on computers, communication skills are at a low. An old-school doctor maintains compassion by always willing to pull up a chair to listen to their patient. Not only does this help in building a better doctor-patient rapport, it also makes the patient feel heard and involved in their treatment.

Trustworthy Clinical Skills

Today, various methods of patient assessment, testing and evaluating are available. Doctors can tally reports with programs and get an extensive evaluation on their patients’ conditions. Various Artificial Intelligence programs have 80% accuracy in making a diagnosis, but using the best of both worlds can enable doctors to make better judgment calls for their patients.

With an old-school doctor, you’re promised information from trusted technological resources and personalized information from the doctor themselves.

Doctor-Patient Relationship

The old family physician has treated generations of your family. Will you replace them with a modern doctor or prefer them to have technological training?

Various studies have shown that doctors are rarely able to maintain long-term relationships with their patients anymore.An old-school doctor has the art of relationships perfected – that’s why we keep on going back to them for various issues. There’s closeness, familiarity, and they are aware of your complete medical history.

Such doctors, if they have kept up with technological changes in medicine, are a powerhouse of medical care.

Better Outreach

Old-school doctors are more compassionate with their patients. Maybe it has to do with the generation they belong to.

Various applications are available for smart phone users to connect with doctors. If your go-to doctor has a busy schedule, you could reach out to them through such mediums for a consultation. Not only will you have access to their skills and expertise, but you’ll be in safe hands.

Some old-school doctors also allow you to reach them out of clinic hours – what better way to keep up the Hippocratic Oath?

The most important part of a doctor-patient relationship is communication. It’s evident how technology is changing it, but here’s to the old-school doctors still willing to listen across the table!

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Karen Jean

Karen Jean