How To Order Food In Chinese Restaurants In Sydney?

When you visit Chinese restaurants in Sydney, ordering Chinese food may seem to be a simple process. Chinese cuisine comprises of an endless selection of vegetables. There are different kinds of sauces too. Soon you can find yourself overwhelmed by the menu and unable to decide what to order and what not to. If you find yourself in such a perplexing situation, you should follow these tips.

Tips for Ordering Chinese Food

  • Order Family Style: If you are unsure what and how to order in a Chinease eating place around Sydney, you should simply order family style. Chinese food is meant to be shared by a group. When you order family style, you can also get a wide range of dishes.
  • Order Healthy Food: A few Chinese dishes include friend ingredients, but most of the cuisine comprises of healthy food. It is recommended to check the vegetable section in the menu. You may also order a couple of dishes to try them.
  • Explore Large Variety of Sauces: This cuisine has so many different kinds of sauces. The most commonly used sauces include the soy sauce, duck sauce, spicy mustard, and hot sauce. The soy sauce is tangy and is ideal for rice or dumplings. The duck sauce is orange and you can use it to dip in rolls and noodles. If you need something hot, you can have hot sauce with anything.
  • Order Different Dishes: When placing an order in a Chinease diner in Sydney, you should try to order different kinds of dishes. This can be helpful if many people are on the table. Soup is usually the standard starter in this cuisine. Order various kinds of vegetables and meats. When it comes to something sweet, caramelised apple or banana or condensed milk dip with steamed buns are perfect. Choose a delicious protein-based dish. It is recommended to choose lean proteins such as duck and chicken.
  • Order Entrée: When it comes to entrees, it is recommended to choose protein and not just carbs so that you can feel fuller. Steamed, simmered or roasted options are considered better than breaded or fried options to keep the calorie count low.

When ordering food at Chinese eating-place in Sydney, it is suggested to avoid fried options. Fried food can supply a lot of calories to your body. They are also heavy on your digestive system. Egg rolls are usually the first things that come to mind when you think of appetisers in this cuisine. But that means you will be consuming a lot of calories. Even when you split your order with friends, the appetiser is going to supply your body with calories equivalent to a full meal. So it is recommended to choose steamed, boiled or grilled options when placing your order at Chinese restaurants within Sydney.

So when you visit Chinese restaurants in Sydney, make sure to follow the above-mentioned tips to stay healthy and to have a great experience.


If you visit a Chinese eating-joint in Sydney and are confused what to order, you should considering ordering family style and healthy food. Choose different types of dishes so that everyone can have a great time.

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