What to do after an override accident in Texas

Override accidents are in most instances fatal and result in severe injuries. An override accident involves a collision between a standard size vehicle and a commercial trailer or tractor.

This kind of an accident results in the shelling of the top of the smaller vehicle’s body. It results in the smaller car being stuck under the trailer or, the pileup of several cars in some cases.

Owing to the gravity of override crushes, it is critical to take urgent action to overcome additional damages such as fire breakouts or exposure to harmful payloads.

Since first responders may take longer to get to you, it is necessary to take the following steps to safeguard your safety and compensation for damages.

Gather Information at the Accident Scene

Collect information regarding the accident scene as soon as you compose yourself. Take photos if possible. This will help you identify your vehicles’ involvement in the accident as well as other passengers onboard. If there are other notable objects such as debris, skid marks, and damaged properties in the scene of the accident, photograph them, as well.

Reach Out To the Police

Next, contact the police immediately to report the incident. Doing so secures the evidence needed to hold the driver at fault to account and ensure that you’re compensated for the damages doneto your vehicle and any personal injuries.

The police will help collect and compile a thorough report on the evidence of the accident to serve the insurance companies for coverage settlements or filing a lawsuit against the third party at fault.

Ask for Insurance and License Information

Ask for the other driver’s contact information, their insurance information, and driving license for a future follow-up on any compensation for injuries and damages resulting from the accident. However, maintain your composure and avoid confrontations with other drivers involved in the accident.

Contact Your Insurer

Most insurance companies require you to report accidents involving your car within 24hours. Give your insurance agent all the details about the accident.

Refrain from entering into a contractual agreement with the other driver’s insurance agency regarding your compensation. Instead, seek the help of a qualified accident lawyer to help you earn fair settlement.

Seek Medical Evaluation and Documentation Immediately

It is common not to feel the injuries after an override accident owing to the rush of adrenaline. However, you should not downplay the impact of the accident even if you don’t feel injured. Instead, visit a doctor for a medical evaluation, and ask for the documentation to indicate that you were involved in an accident.

While physical injuries from override accidents are obvious, internal injuries aren’t.  Let the doctor examine you thoroughly for treatment, and revisit them for follow up checks in case you don’t feel better after the initial visit.

At Johnson Garcia LLP we could help you secure deserved compensation after an override accident in Houston, TX. Contact us at (832) 844 6700 and let us talk about a possible solution to your case.

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Gary Curl

Gary Curl