Pros and Cons of Needing a Job During Summer

Job search during the summer can really go either way, depending upon what industry you’re looking at and where you live.

It can be the best time to look or the worst time. There really is some truth to both statements. But one thing is for sure: If you use your time during the summer months wisely, you could walk away with a better job than you ever expected. It is up to you to spend the time, but keep these pros and cons in mind as you’re searching. Use the pros to your advantage and find your way around the cons.

Pro: Better Odds of Getting Noticed

If you are looking to limit your job search competition, there is no better time to be job hunting than during the dog days of summer. There are fewer people searching for jobs during the summer months. Vacations and other obligations take the cut-throat competition out of the job hunt.

With less competition, your resume will be more likely to stand out. During the rest of the year, the job hunt is fierce and loaded with competition. You might be the most qualified, but your resume might be lost in the shuffle when more people are working the job search. If you limit the volume of your competition, you’ll be more likely to get noticed.

Con: Hiring Managers Take Vacation

This may run on a case-by-case basis. A lot of industries have more downtime in the summer. This mean people go on vacation, and some of those people may be the ones hiring. There could be a job post sitting up on a site for two weeks before anybody checks the email.

That’s not good. Not only does it take more time for a hiring manager to reach out to you, you’re also buried in a list of names as applications accumulate.

Pro: More Time on Your Hands

Summer is a slow time of year in a lot of regions. People relax, take vacation, work less, and play more. You probably have more time on your hands, and you should use it to give yourself an advantage.

If you are job searching during the summer, use your extra free time to build your network. Networking is often the key that opens doors to being hired. During summer, people are more willing to meet for informational interviews. In winter people are busier and less likely to have the time and energy for these extra meetings.

It shouldn’t just end at networking. Use downtime to work on your resume, write cover letters, build your online presence, and apply for jobs.

Con: For Parents, It Might Be A Busier Time of Year

If you’re a parent, the summer months may not be the best time to launch a job search because your kids are not in school. Summer league sports and extracurricular activities such as family vacations, pool parties, and cookouts take precedence over any job search.

If you are employed and planning to switch careers, fall may be a better time to launch a full-scale job search, when your kids are tied up with school and extracurriculars.

Pro: Seasonal Employment

If you are looking for temporary or part-time work, the summer season offers numerous opportunities. You can land a temporary job to pad your pocketbook while you are waiting for the best full-time opportunity to open up.

The temporary summer gig can also add padding to your resume and provide you with valuable work experience. The temporary position could also strategically place you in line to network with important people who may open doors for you later.

The temporary job could land you a full-time spot because the bosses have a firsthand view of your work ethic. These opportunities are often available on location-specific job search sites, rather than the larger ones like Monster or Indeed. Cruise the listings and find a fit for you.

Also, don’t treat the part-time or temporary gig as worthless. You never know who might be watching you or referring work to you.

Con: Lag Time after Interviews

Just like hiring managers, bosses like to be out on vacation during the summer months, and there may be a longer lag time after an interview because the boss is not around to make a final decision.

If you are expecting snap decisions and a fast pace for hiring, a summer job search may not live up to your expectations. You might have to practice patience while you wait for the boss’s vacation to end.

Plan Wisely

You know your schedule better than anyone else. If a summer job search works better for you because you have extra time on your hands, then roll up your sleeves and dive into the job search. You will have to read job descriptions carefully because some summer jobs are only available for a short window of time.

The hazard of accepting a temporary job is not being able to be available at a moment’s notice for a job interview for your dream job. You must be selective and plan how you want to work job search during the summer.

Workers who would rather work than play during the summer are harder to find, and you just might be able to work your way into a full time position with a company that only thought they needed you for the summer.


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