Remember Few Tricks If You Are Using Trenbolone Enanthate Injections

Trenbolone in the form of tablet or injections are not really meant for human use. At least no medical scientists or doctors will ever tell you to use for any benefits. There are two different chemical forms of trenbolone available and both are capable of creating serious side effects in the human body. However, for few people the results are quite positive and therefore you must ensure that trenbolone is really useful for you before taking its full dose cycle.

Trenbolon Enanthate

The difference between Trenbolone Enanthate and acetate is only in their molecular formula, which can hardly be distinguished physically. However, trenbolone acetate is considered to be more powerful among the two varieties. On the other hand, Trenbolon enanthate has longer half life period and therefore if you prefer to take its injection then its effect will remain in your body for longer duration. So, you will need to take injection after longer periods.

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The dosage requirements for both these varieties may slightly differ. However, the side effects that you can observe in the two forms are similar and also, they are independent of dosage used.

What is dosage recommended for Trenbolone Enanthate?

You can find the dosage recommendation only from bodybuilder’s website as no doctor will ever recommend this drug for human consumption. If you are taking trenbolone enanthate injection then you need anything between 50 mg to 300 mg in a week. In case, you have never used any steroid in your life then you must stay away from using this drug.

One should never continue with this drug for more than 10 weeks. Otherwise, your body may get addicted to this drug. To know more information about this drug and its application you may also visit the website

Various effects of this drug on our body

One advantage of this drug is that it can increase tissue building capability however at the same time it can reduce catabolism. In fact, not much study has been made about this drug keeping humans in mind as most of the experiments were conducted only on animals.

It has been observed that it can enhance metabolism in animals and promote growth of lean muscle mass. Very soon, the animals were found to be gaining good amount of weight. However, for human body it may create too many red blood cells that may lead to ploycythemia.

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Jackie Delatorre

Jackie Delatorre