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Singapore wants innovators to solve real-life problems

One of the wealthiest nation in all of Southeast Asia, the government of Singapore – as well as influential leaders in the business community – want entrepreneurs in Singapore to begin focusing on “real-life problems” to help solve global issues that are going to impact citizens far beyond the borders of Singapore.

Looking for ways to find influential solution to some of the world’s biggest problems – we’re talking about global hunger, clean water issues, climate change, and so much more – is a huge priority for the government and business world in Singapore.

The government has already set aside a tremendous amount of money to invest in startups that are poised to tackle these kinds of problems, but businesses (including some of the most influential businesses in Singapore) are also looking to foster a more collaborative approach to resolving these problems as well.

Singapore’s startup culture is poised to attack these problems head-on

Though Singapore doesn’t yet have the same kind of global profile as far as the startup culture is concerned the way that Silicon Valley in the United States does, it’s quickly becoming one of the “go to” places on the planet for those serious about starting up a new world changing businesses – and it’s likely to compete directly with Silicon Valley in the years to come.

More and more investors are getting serious about pouring money into these companies, these startups, and these organizations, especially those that have even a little bit of a track record of addressing these kinds of issues.

Singapore is reaching out to the rest of the world as well

The people of Singapore aren’t at all that concerned with being the only folks that address these issues, or the innovators that get to the finish line before everyone else so that they can get all of the credit.

Instead, they just want to make sure that these problems are addressed, new solutions are invented or innovated, and that everyone gets the opportunity to take advantage of the solutions before it becomes too late.

Singapore is creating a number of unique partnerships and relationships with powerful and influential nations from all over the world to combine efforts together to tackle these real world issues. They have partnerships to improve green and renewable energy sources, to find new cancer solutions, to help solve clean water issues, and to find ways to fight back against climate change before it cannot be stopped.

It’ll be very interesting to see the new solutions that come out of Singapore in the next few years for sure, especially since the culture in Singapore is acting so aggressively to resolve these issues. It shouldn’t be all that long until these kinds of issues are being resolved left and right, especially if the global partnerships that Singapore has been able to initiate begin to pay off the way that many believe they will.

Time will only tell as far as how much we are going to be able to do to fight back against these real world problems. But any spirit of collaboration and with a real focus on kicking these problems to the curb once and for all, solutions will likely manifest before too long!

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