The soaring vape industry in the UK – The facts which are proof to the growth

For the travelers who are looking forward to a summer escape, what to carry in your bags is definitely a reason of stress. While packing e-cigarettes can land you up in jail in few countries, at the same time spending on them is globally increasing, especially in the UK. According to, there are several proofs behind the sudden growth and popularity of the vape industry in UK. Do you want to know some such statistics which are clear evidence of this burgeoning industry? Read on.

#1: Vaping has gotten popular rapidly

As per the latest data released by the WHO (World Health Organization), there has always been a steady yet small increase in the predicted number of smokers throughout the globe since 2012. But when it comes to vaping, the matter is totally different. The total numbers of vapers have been rapidly increasing from 12 million in 2012 to 35 million in 2017. By the year 2021, the total number of adults vaping will reach a 60 million. Doesn’t that prove the growth?

#2: Expenditure on vape pens and e-cigs are also growing

The electronic cigarette market is expanding and the number of vapers will also increase. The vapour products is predicted to be worth $23 billion, which is up from $4.3 billion just 5 years ago. Japan, United States and definitely the UK are the biggest markets for electronic cigarettes. More and more people are spending money on smokeless tobacco to be able to live healthy.

#3: Majority e-cigarettes are bought over the stores

Majority of the electronic cigarette users purchase their vape pens and other devices from the shops of specialists, as per reports published by Ernst & Young. In the year 2016, 40% of the electronic cigarette users who were questioned across France, UK, Poland, Germany, Russia, Italy and South Korea bought their electronic devices from electronic cigarette shops.

#4: The reason behind vaping is purely healthy

The most common reason for utilizing an electronic cigarette is that they’re much less harmful and toxic than the regular tobacco cigarettes. Almost 50% of the daily users reported that they switched to vaping just because they were trying hard to curtail their smoking habit. As e-cigarettes are way less harmful than tobacco cigarettes, this is encouraging people to take up vaping and ditch smoking.

Therefore, if you’re not being able to bid goodbye to smoking, try and vape as this is much less harmful for your health.

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