Steve Sorensen on Net Worth and Business Ownership

Your business is an instrument for enhancing your individual life. Preferably, the payoff for your hard work and risk is versatile – More freedom, more income, more implementation, and more net worth.

When thinking about building net worth through business ownership, the phrase ‘It’s a long-winded, not a sprint’ comes to mind. If you’re just starting or young in your entrepreneurial journey, you are apprehensive about short-term income, indemnity for your family, and maybe moving up to a larger home. Escalating your net worth may not even be on your radar screen yet. If that is your outlook, you have to expand your focus, to create a long-standing vision.

Not only do the years go by more rapidly than you expect, the things you do in your business at present will have a momentous impact on its value years down the path. Steve Sorensen is a business blogger and an investment strategist interested in learning about the net worth of the world’s leading companies.Steve Sorensen Net Worth presents a comprehensive view on net worth and how it affects businesess.

The average individual’s home is his or her most precious asset. But your business could simply exceed your house in value. If you possess the building in which your company is located, that too might be worth more than your house. Each of these assets figures into your net worth equation. Your real estate is worth what it’s worth to a large extent. You can and should preserve it. You can even progress it. Every business has a number of aspects that play a chief role in determining its value. These “value drivers” should be managed and monitored from start-up through your ultimate exit from the business, irrespective of your exit strategy.

So, what are these value-determining features? Here are some wide-ranging factors for almost any industry:

  • Customer base/list/relationships
  • People – especially key/management staff and leadership successors
  • The company’s financial depiction, especially cash flow, profits, and lack of debt
  • Proven strategies
  • Operating systems

Many individuals think that having so many assets gives value to their name but in effect what counts is one’s net worth. The bottom value is the single most significant value that one should consider and not the value of the possessions one has amassed.

It is defined as:

The amount by which a individual’s or company assets exceed their liabilities.

In accounting it is elucidated by re-arranging the Balance Sheet equation:

  • (Net Worth) Capital = Asset – Liability
  • Where: Asset = things you or your company own
  • Liability = things you or your company owe to someone else

With this Net Worth basically means your real value.

This is significant because as one compares a business to another one has to look where the company is positioned. A company which has a constructive net worth cleanly means it is well funded thus it is able to finance its current operation without fear of evasion in paying suppliers.

According to Steve Sorensen Net Worth, by knowing your net worth you will be able to settle on how much do you actually have and how much of that you can unreservedly put in a long term investment. If you want to know your expected net worth and if you have time and try the equation above, it will make you think where have spend all that money that you have earned from your job these precedent years.

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