My Waitress Accidentally Gave Me Her Weed Pen

    If reading the title got you a bit confused about what the heck a ‘weed pen’ might be, let me explain real quick before delving into the story. While cannabis has traditionally been smoked, or sometimes eaten (generally in the format of baked goods made with so called cannabutter), our modern age has brought to the table a brand new way to consume our favorite green flowers. It’s called vaporizing, and it involves heating your bud within the chamber of a device to a certain temperature which evaporates the THC, CBD, and all those other good things into vapor for you to inhale through a mouthpiece. This is widely considered to be a way healthier way to enjoy marijuana and while there has been no evidence to contradict that claim, technically since it is a new technology, the long term effects of vaporizing excessively for decades are unknown. Still, logic would indicate that it’s very unlikely benign vapor could cause more damage to your lungs over time than smoke does and there’s a whole lot of highly positive anecdotal support for the emerging practice.

    So Wait, ‘Weed Pen’?

    The reason some people might refer to cannabis vapes as weed pens is because of the shape of the device. A lot of e-cigarettes when vaporizing technology was coming up in the tobacco industry were shaped more or less like pens. This resembled the look of a cigarette and made it a very easy habit to transition to from smoking. The same thing basically happened in cannabis and lots of companies have found ways to simply and efficiently vape powerful concentrates in a very sleek and compact format. They’re particularly popular with busy bodies who prefer a simple and discreet vaping experience, like, for example, waitresses I guess.

    How Could That Happen?

    Well I assume she meant to give me a regular pen to sign my bill but she pulled out the wrong item from her pocket. The best part is that she was doing her job amazingly and provided me with impeccable service. Just goes to show how much the world is changing in regards to cannabis, I think.

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Gary Curl

Gary Curl