What To Wear Whale Watching

So, you are on one of the private sailing tours San Diego with your friends and family and you are really excited. Hell, you may want to rent a surf board and check if you can ride the Black’s Beach wave or not. But if it is all about going on a cruise with your friends and family and experience whale watching, then you definitely have got your eyes on the best thing. You may spot a grey or blue whale, humpback whale, dolphins, sea lion in the water and launch and epic oceanic photography career. But wait, do you have any idea about what you actually need to wear during whale watching cruise tour?

Well, it can be around 15 degrees cooler on board on your cruise or boat while it is moving, so wearing layers which are easy to wear and take off is suggested. Here are some suggestions about what you should wear on whale watching San Diego.

Do not carry your shorts with you

The temperature is almost perfect or perfectly adjacent in San Diego as a local who doesn’t even have a stitch of fleece can explain you. But, still when you are leaving the shore on your cruise, remember the ocean breezes are cooler in comparison to the one who experienced on the shore. Thus it is an important whale watching San Diego to reserve the fashion for another beach and don layers while you cruise in the mid of the sea. A light jacket may be helpful. If you are on a kayak, then you should go for a wet suit.

Slightly warm and wind-proof jacket

If you are on a San Diego whale watching cruise, then it is likely to be early Spring and it is possible that the weather maybe slightly cold during the day. So, why not get a jacket along with you. Your best bet is to keep yourself warm and dry. Thus, getting warm spray jacket is advisable. Ensure it is wind and water proof so that you don’t up getting pinched by the cold winds.


Glasses are a must accessory when you are out on the water, especially when you are thinking of spotting those black whales or humpback whales in the sea, sometimes many miles away from your cruise. Make sure, your sunglasses have polarization to keep your eyes safe from glare. Also ensure that they are arms tightened so that they stay well on your face. If possible you can get a neck strap too for perfect safety.

Nice pair of shoes

Sensible shoes are needed when you are on San Diego whale watching cruise. Hence your best option is flat pair of rubber sole sneakers to make sure that you don’t slip on the wet deck while moving around. You may even wear and keep a spare pair of socks so that if one gets drenched, then you can put another. Well, obviously you don’t want to roam around with wet feet.

So, light water and wind resistant jackets with sturdy closed toed sneakers with non-marking soles, track pants and a pair of goggles are recommended for you.


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Jackie Delatorre

Jackie Delatorre