10 Things to Consider Having At Your Conference Booth

Conferences, exhibitions and trade shows are great ways to get your business noticed and make contacts within the industry. Your booth may be the first time a potential customer interacts with your business so you want to make a good impression. You need to keep in mind how you want your business to come across and what your main goals for the conference are. Here are 10 things you should consider incorporating into your conference booth.

Branded Giveaways

Anything from pens and mugs, to t-shirts and hats. People love free stuff and will jump at the chance to snap up whatever you are giving away. As many other companies will be doing this, consider giving out branded plastic, canvas or tote bags so attendees will be walking around with your logo on display for everyone to see.

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Having your brand in someone’s home or office will give them a constant regular reminder of your business. If they are ever in the market for your products and services they will have an instant recognition of your brand.

Email List

You are trying to make connections right? Try to get as many emails addresses as possible so you can connect with your booth visitors again. Consider having a fish bowl to collect business cards and offer a prize for anyone who takes part. Make sure you have a healthy supply of business cards of your own, if you get into a conversation just hand it over and they will likely return the favor.

Something Interactive

Setting up a game or something for visitors to play with will draw attention to your booth. Consider letting people play with something new and exciting, like virtual reality. If you can relate your business to sport, football penalty challenges are always popular. If you can relate it to gaming setting up a console will get people  interested. If people see others having fun they will queue up for a turn and take notice of your business. The bigger the room, the more space you will have to work with. Carden Park is one of the Cheshire conference venues with plenty of space.

Workspace and charging stations

Many people attending events are busy career oriented people. Offer a little space for someone to work or charge their devices for a little while and it will create a helpful, unselfish image for your company.

Product Samples

If you have a product that you want to show off, consider giving away samples if it’s financially viable. People will get to try your product right there and then. People take notice when you give away things, so why not show them your product?

Conference Exclusive Offers

Make attendees feel special by offering them deals exclusively to them. Hand out leaflets with offer codes or sell the product directly to them for a discount. Work with the event organisers to see if they want to help you create a buzz around the offer. After all, it adds value to their conference too.

Let visitors sit

Attending an event can be exhausting. If you have the space, provide a comfortable seating area where your brand is on display. They will relate the sense of relief and joy to your company and be grateful to you for allowing them a little rest.

Hold a Competition

That’s right, do a giveaway. The bigger the better. Try to create enough excitement around your competition and people will be coming to your booth especially to enter. You can make an event of announcing the winner with all eyes on your business.

Serve Refreshments

Attending a conference is thirsty work. Provide branded bottled water or tea and coffee and people will flock to your booth. These simple refreshments are inexpensive but popular. When the people are happy and refreshed it will be a lot easier to connect with them.

Branded Staff

Make your people stand out. Consider having a company mascot in a suit, people will line up for photos. Simply put your staff in branded T-shirts and/or hats and your logo will be visible even when they are walking around.

These are just a few ideas for your conference booth. There is so much you can do to make you and your business stand out to people in your industry, you just have to choose which works for you. Just make sure you check with the organisers and venue before setting anything up.


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Karen Jean

Karen Jean