Cells and Cognition: 7 Reasons Why You Need to Get  Healthy Sleep

If you want to live longer, a healthy sleep should be on the top of your list. You need to get enough sleep to ensure good health and maintain the fountain of youth. Invigorating your sleep practices will help you uphold the best of your mental and physical health, safety and way of life.

As sleep enhances brain function, growth and development, and emotional well-being, you need to stop sleeping poorly. However, too much is enough for a wise person. Here are some science-backed reasons why you need a slumber party. Read this and save yourself from danger.

Weight Gain

According to studies, poor sleep increases the risk of obesity from childhood to adulthood. The close link significantly affects weight gain with factors like hormone synthesis and motivation to exercise. In fact, 89 % of children and 55% of adults who sleep less have a greater risk of developing obesity.

So if you want to keep your figure, get good night sleep to prevent metabolism from slowing down.

Increase Body Inflammation

Sleeping is a time for your body to start repairing cell layers, but a lack of sleep gives considerable effect on the body as it activates detrimental markers to inflammation and cell damage. A study proved that poor sleep links to long term-inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract like inflammatory bowel diseases.

Also, sleep deprivation may cause skin conditions such as eczema, atopic dermatitis, acne, and psoriasis. According to Jessica Kant, founder of Art Dermatology in New York, “Poor sleep can lead to increased stress hormones in the body that increase the severity of inflammatory skin conditions such as acne or psoriasis.”

More Health Dangers

Adverse cardiovascular outcomes may arise due to poor sleeping habits. It can also increase risk factors to chronic diseases. Heart disease, stroke, glucose metabolism and type 2 diabetes risks are the most common health dangers you will encounter if you gradually continue to experience sleep deprivation.

Through systematic review and meta-analysis of prospective studies, researchers found out that sleepers who sleep less than 7 hours per night have greater risks of such diseases.

Fewer Calorie Intake

An average individual eats about 2000 calories a day. However, sleep deprivation agitates inconsistency of hormones which causes poor appetite regulation. It deflates the level of leptin, a hormone that contains a person’s appetite, causing hormone ghrelin, an appetite stimulant, to increase its level. Bottomline is, sleeping more will lessen calorie intake.

Better Brain Function

Sleep is the key to optimize brain function. From concentration, productivity and cognition, name it all, you will do better if you sleep more. A study proved that sleep deprivation impairs neurobehavioral performance. It showed significant effects on medical interns on a usual schedule.

The study stated that interns commit 36% more serious medical errors compared to interns who sleep more. Thus, good sleep can maximize problem-solving skills, productivity and can enhance memory.

Optimize Athletic Performance

Sleep deprivation contributes to poor physical performance and functional limitations of an individual, but when you have a better sleep, physical health will enhance. According to the study entitled, “The Effects of Sleep Extension on the Athletic Performance of Collegiate Basketball Players,” longer sleep duration sharpens their speed, accuracy, reaction and mental fitness.

Prevent Depression

Almost all of the mental health issues have already shown a valid link to poor sleep quality. According to research, 90% of patients who suffer from sleep deprivation get depression as a result. Moreover, people with sleeping disorders significantly experience relative rates of depression.

If you sleep well, you can take care of your mental health. Sleeping can clear your mind and can help you avoid having thoughts that could confuse your emotions. Having the best mattress such as the Sealy King Single Mattress is also a plus in getting a comfy night’s rest.


Proper nutrition and exercise along with healthy sleeping hygiene empower your pillars of health. Stop the drama and be productive and healthy emotionally, mentally and physically. Get more attractive and live longer with good sleeping routine. Until the end, sleep well and live well.

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