The difference between distance education and traditional education?

Network distance education as a new mode of education, with the difference between traditional education mainly in the following areas:

First, the object of education is different.

Traditional campus education has the same age and knowledge level, and is full of vitality of young people; and distance education object in age and knowledge will be very different, in general, has been on the job Adult.

Second, the purpose of education is different.

The basic purpose of traditional campus education is to enable students to master the basic knowledge, basic skills outside the cultivation of noble character and perfect personality, that is, we said both the study of scientific and cultural knowledge, but also learn to be a man. Distance education system of course also has two purposes, but more emphasis on knowledge learning, especially new knowledge, new technology to meet people’s knowledge to update the demand.

Third, the requirements of education are different.

Traditional campus education to education mainly education, that is, students within the prescribed time to complete the teaching plan of the study tasks, after passing the examination can get the appropriate academic credentials. In addition to education in distance education, more is continuing education, vocational training and lifelong learning. The main purpose of students to receive distance education is through this convenient and quick way to learn new knowledge, we are concerned about the learning effect, the content can be quickly applied to the production practice.

Fourth, the means of education are different.

The main means of teaching in traditional campus education is classroom education, that is, teachers and students face to face teaching, it is characterized by teachers and students in the same physical and temporal, basic communication media is the teacher’s voice, during this period, teaching this “service” Is synchronized with the “consumption” of its “product”. And the distance education teachers and students are separated, there is no face to face teaching process, which is characterized by teachers and students are not in the same physical space, communication between teachers and students is mainly through the use of various media to achieve, teaching this ” Service “is at different times and places are” consumed “, and in order to send this service to the learner, must be packaged, transported, stored and sent, reflecting the distance education teaching students as the center, students autonomy The subject of learning.

Network distance education

Network distance education and traditional campus education are two different modes of education, but they are identical:

First, the network distance education and traditional campus education have a certain teaching resources acquisition process.

According to different educational objects to determine the different educational goals, to provide different levels, different disciplines of professional curriculum, students through different stages of learning, through examinations or other tests, to obtain credits or grant degree and diploma. We are from primary school, secondary school or other professional schools step by step through the teacher’s teaching, classroom teaching now have the knowledge. Now we are through distance education to obtain new knowledge in order to better serve the community, improve my survival skills, improve our quality of life.

2, Online education and traditional campus education have a certain organization.

The traditional campus education organization is the school, we live in school every day to learn. The school has a corresponding administration

Management, personnel management and teaching management of the body, and through the various functions of these institutions to ensure the normal operation of the school to improve the quality of school education. Distance education also has a certain organization, and through these institutions to the scientific management of the implementation of teaching. The main functions of distance education teaching management are two: the management of curriculum education resources development and delivery, the management of student learning support services.

3, network distance education and traditional campus education between students and teachers there is some form of two-way communication and feedback mechanism.

Traditional campus education is through the teacher’s mouth, hand, blackboard on the blackboard on the intuitive, face-to-face visual communication, teaching students knowledge; and distance education, flexible use of network classroom voice discussion, voice broadcast, electronic showers and other functions Strengthen communication and acquire knowledge. Therefore, distance education and traditional campus education in the students and teachers there is some form of communication between.

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