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Do you wonder why do so many bodybuilders take Anavar? General name of Anavar drug is Oxandrolone. It is sold by different names in different places, but you would definitely hear the common term of ‘Oxandrolone’. It comes in a pill form and you can buy 30 tablets at once.

Anavar for bodybuilding

Even though you could click through to and take all the details on this note, but we would like give you a brief. This drug is known for being mild and has masculine side effects to it.

If you use this drug responsibly or at minimum dosages, it would give you little side effects. This steroid was originally used in children and women. The drug would not cause stunting in children due to the epiphyseal plates and that would be closed prematurely. Medically, Oxandrolone is used for promoting growth in kids and prevent an onset of osteoporosis in women.

The drug has become common for female athletes as it has low risks causing symptoms of Targill to occur. The safest dose for women seems to be within 10 to 15 mg every day. Bodybuilding or energy rising from Oxandrolone helps in obtaining strength and this is possible by stimulating the synthesis of Phosphocreatine in muscle tissue cells and doesn’t cause water retention in muscles or joints.

Weightlifting and strength lifers who don’t wish to compete in highest weight category would use Oxandrolone for helping them gain strength without gaining any weight. You must take Anavar with other side effects.

If you use Oxandrolone of 20 to 30 mg with Holotestin daily, you would see a hard look at the muscles. It would show a great result for bodybuilders while using Oxandrolone mixed with 120 mcg and 140 mcg of Clenbuterol every day.

Oxandrolone might be used alone and it is not enough for clear muscle growth. The drug is great for improving the results of developing other steroids when used together. Dianabol (D-Paul) , Deca Durabolin and Dica Testerone would work well when combined with Oxandrolone for developing muscle mass.

While taking this lingering material the cause of tissue development for retaining liquid would bring back gains in strength and it would lead to more muscle mass. When you stack the drug with 200 mg of Deca Durabolin, Deca plus 500MG of Testoviron Repository, and one week of 25 mg of Oxandrolone every day would give you significant gain in muscle mass and strength in most athletes and male bodybuilders.

The reasons behind this are that definite face of Deca Durobolic being an anabolic drug, and also a stimulating protein. Oxandrolone is potent by providing phosphocreatine synthesis  and testotone would help the Depot pump into action for cell regeneration.

The best part about the drug is that it doesn’t aromatize in estrogen when taken at any dose. The muscles don’t have a typical puffy appearance that other steroids would cause. This makes the drug perfect to prepare for contests. For more details, check out and know Anavar better.

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Karen Jean