What Makes Tuscany a Fantastic Place to Visit?

According to some, Italy’s Tuscan region is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Combine historical centres with expanding landscapes and vineyards and there’s little wonder why it’s a major hit with tourists. Why not stay a night in one of the best villas in tuscany for the ultimate luxurious experience. If you’re still not convinced, here are few reasons why this part of Italy makes a great place for a holiday in 2018.

Try a Glass or Two of the Iconic Tuscan Wine

Wine connoisseurs around the globe consistently rate the Tuscan wine with the best. And visiting northeast Italy gives you the chance to sample endless varieties of locally produced wine. You’ll find acre after acre of vineyards growing over the undulating hills stretching into the distance. This gives you the chance to stop by and learn more about how each company makes their brands. If you visit, you’ll have the opportunity to sample multiple types and bring back a bottle or two as a souvenir. And don’t forget to soak up the views and snap pictures of the grapes vines from the street. The best places to get the most out of the region’s wine is by following either the Cortona or Terre di Arezzo Wine Trails.

Visit the Cradle of the European Renaissance

Tuscany’s capital Florence holds the title as the birthplace of the European Renaissance. This event dragged the region out of the Middle Ages and towards a more sophisticated way of life. As a result, architectural styles changed and Tuscany saw an explosion of churches. Tuscany was home to many famous historical figures and visiting the city will give you a chance to understand more about this monumental event that changed the world forever.

Discover the Region’s Rich History

You don’t need to be a professor to understand and appreciate the layers of history in Tuscany. With ancient relics dating back to the Etruscans (the Roman’s former enemies) as well as Renaissance and opulent styles of architecture, it’s a place to behold. Stroll the streets of Florence and some of the small towns and find castles, medieval city walls and ornate churches. Cobblestone streets and narrow alleys create an atmosphere that almost feels as though you have stepped back in time.  

Soak Up the Culture

It’s no secret that Tuscany is one of Italy’s top cultural centres which bursts at the seams with museums, concert halls and art galleries. But unlike other destinations around the world, you don’t need to spend hours inside a gallery to fully appreciate their deep relationship to art. Most of the churches feature paintings and sculptures that should belong in a museum. A day walking around and taking in the sights at Tuscany will inevitably be the ultimate cultural immersion. And when you’re here, you should aim to take full advantage of it all.

Marvel at the Beautiful Landscapes Around Every Corner

Step outside of the cities and you’ll find yourself surrounded by incredible landscapes. From the undulating hills and vineyards to the Apennine Mountains and some 200 kilometres of coastline, Tuscany has it all. If you’re based in Florence, rent a car or bicycle. And as soon as you’re out of the city limits, the spectacular explosion of beauty will hit you. Or for a more laid-back experience, why not head to the beach and catch the sunset with a glass of local wine?

Spend the Day at the Beach

When someone mentions Tuscany, few people imagine pristine beaches and the chance to go island hopping. The western coastline stretches for almost 200 kilometres along the upper corner of Italy. In the summer, beach-lovers from around the country flock here to soak up the rays and go for a quick dip in the warm sea. Several boutique hotels and villas line the shoreline allowing a convenient place to spend a couple of nights. And to make the experience even more memorial, why not join a tour and visit some of Tuscany’s little-known islands? However, it’s probably not a good time to visit the beach outside of summer because winter temperatures can drop to below freezing.

A Decent Place to Visit at All Times of the Year

Unless you want to hit the beach, Tuscany’s climate is perfect for trips at all times of the year. Summers tend to have clear days in the high twenties with mild spring and autumn temperatures. Each season comes with its own appearance and style. From the spring bloom to the mass colour changes in autumn, the region offers unmatched beauty at all times of the year. Some of the larger towns and cities also make the perfect place for a winter getaway or to spend Christmas.

The Opportunity to Have a Road Trip

If you rent a car when you arrive in Tuscany, you’ll find endless opportunities to get out and explore the region. With a diverse selection of historical and charming towns and villages interspersed around the countryside, it makes an excellent excuse to have a road trip. You’ll find accommodation in almost every corner of the region and the high-quality roads are easy to navigate.

Tuscany: The Perfect Holiday Destination

Tuscany offers history, culture and art mixed with wine, beautiful landscapes and beaches. It doesn’t matter what kind of holiday you’re looking for, you’ll get it in Italy’s most famous region. Remember to fully charge the camera and get out and about to fully appreciate the best that Tuscany has to offer. Few visitors come away with regrets after spending their time in this part of Europe.


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Paul Petersen

Paul Petersen