Choose Health – Convince Yourself If It’s Good To Use Steroids or Not

Nowadays, there are two camps: some who believe that using steroids does not involve any risks and rarely develops complications. On the other hand, there are others, including some experts, who say that steroids are harmful to the body, especially when not on prescription.

In addition to medical issues, steroid use also involves a matter of ethics, as it is a method of cheating and winning by stealing the status of the champion in any sporting field. There have been many cases where large athletes have been found with a high level of testosterone in the blood, doses that could not be explained.

However, performance is not stimulated by steroid administration, but only muscle mass growth. More precisely, a bodybuilder who injects steroids cannot “lift” more than a kilogram in the chest than before, but the muscular mass will have huge proportions, which cannot be achieved only by sport. This is the reason why all men going to bodybuilding use protein supplements: not to improve their sports performance but to increase their muscle mass.

Without a prescription, steroid assimilation often has medical complications: from the onset of acne and baldness to the development of heart disease. There are a few cases where professional bodybuilders have died from heart disease from unattended consumption and high amounts of steroids. The reason? Steroids, used in high doses, increase the concentration of red cells in the blood, which means that the risk of clots is increased. Thus, the blood clot formed blocks the arteries of the heart and infarction occurs.

Also, high doses of steroids increase blood pressure, reduce good cholesterol and negatively affect the structure of the myocardium. These negative effects can be diminished by exercise and balanced nutrition. Very rare, but existing, are the cases when athletes are affected by internal steroids injections, without medical control.

So, pay close attention and consult your doctor if you want to use steroids. It would be best to give up this idea considering how well many people have maintained themselves without using the least bit of steroids, and still do. These supplements will just satisfy the ‘cravings’ for the moment. Experts said it! To know Pros and Cons of steroids click here.

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Jackie Delatorre

Jackie Delatorre